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Hello, my name is Melanie and I am a registered massage therapist.

I first trained as a Reiki practitioner several years ago. I enjoyed using my hands to heal others so much that I decided to continue on with Swedish massage therapy.

I have been told that I have magic hands, that I am very intuitive and receptive to the needs of my clients. You could say that my hands have an inner sense (or mind of its own?) of what it needs to do to heal others through massage therapy.

The journey does not end there though.  I am continually looking to enrich myself and looking to add Hot Stone therapy, reflexology,  as well as many other techniques to give you a more holistic (whole person!)  treatment.

In these times of stress, overworking, multitasking,... it is even more important today to take care of ourselves, body, mind and soul.

My one mission as your massage therapist is to provide you a safe and comfortable environment where you can let go of your worries, whether manifested physically or mentally, and for you to feel the healing energy of massage therapy.

I am here for you!

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Massage is not just a luxury.

It's a way to a healthier, happier, life.

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